Window Cleaning

A running joke in popular culture is that the cleaner doesn’t do windows as they are just too difficult. In realty windows do require a few tricks, but with the right experience a cleaner can deliver impressive results.

It’s not that windows accumulate problems faster than any other surface, or that anybody deliberately tries to get them dirty. It’s just that windows tend to show the cleaning problems more than anywhere else. If you want your home, office, restaurant or hotel to really look clean you’ll need someone to really pay attention to the proper maintenance of the windows.


Where professional cleaning is only a recommendation for many situations it is a necessity for high rise window cleaning. The outside surface of high rise windows cannot be reached without specialized equipment and proper accreditation.

Our services can clean high rise windows with absolutely no disruption to those inside the building. Our methods are safe, efficient and essential for the upkeep of any multi-level building with windows. Let us do the work that is out of the reach of other cleaners.