End of Lease Cleaning

A rental property comes with a considerable bond. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can clean their former apartment themselves when they move out; they don’t realize how much cleaning they miss. Don’t risk losing the bond money or your reputation as good tenants. Employ our services and obtain a full bond refund.

We know what landlords, insurance agents and inspectors look for. It is too easy to miss things when you are over familiar with the surrounds; Property owners expects roof gutters, plumbing and countless other things to be fixed. It’s too easy to miss some detail and be penalized; people forget how busy they are when they are moving house. Concentrate on your new accommodation and let us look after the dirty work.

It makes more financial sense to employ our services and obtain a full bond refund than to risk losing money for anything you might have overlook. Call us and we’ll make your former residence look better than the day you moved in.