Carpet Cleaning

There is good quality carpet on most floors. Maintaining these carpets requires dedication and some professional knowledge. We walk on carpets every day, so we should not be surprized at the amount of dirt they accumulate. Removing dirt and restoring carpet is something of an art and science.

Vacuuming is the most frequent cleaning method used on carpets. But even as most every home has a vacuum few have the type of industrial level vacuum as used by professional cleaners. Industrial equipment picks up far more dirt and grime than domestic equivalents. This dirt and grime steadily wears at the carpet structure, significantly decreasing its lifespan. As such, out professional industrial cleaning help keeps carpet looking good and lasting longer.

Our HEPA equipped vacuums also clean the surrounding air. HEPA filters remove even the finest particles from carpets, reducing air pollution and significantly improving health conditions.

Steam cleaning is the high end treatment for any carpet. It uses a hot water extraction method than removes more dirt, toxins and pollutants than any dry cleaning could reach. If you have any significant traffic or want to really look after your carpet, then we recommend periodic steam cleaning.

Carpet is an investment. Let us clean and keep your carpet near the condition that inspired you to buy it in the first place.