Specialized Cleaning

Regular cleaning is one thing; we do this every day in our homes and offices. Specialized cleaning is for situations where you need to call in the professionals. We conduct specialist cleaning for many venues, maintaining hygiene and safety standards and ensuring a smoother business operation.

Our specialized cleaning includes:

  • High rise window cleaning – Which requires certification and specialized equipment. This is something only the professionals can attempt.
  • Office window cleaning – The most tricky part of any regular cleaning, requiring specialized equipment and some experience. Let us sort this one out.
  • Carpet steam cleaning- If you want to maintain good carpets for years to come, periodic steam cleaning makes all the difference.
  • High Pressure cleaning- For building, car parks, road and other hard surfaces. High pressure cleaning can remove years of abuse, and prepare surfaces for painting or re-coating.
  • End-Of-Lease cleaning –When your bond money is in question it is cost effective to have an extremely thorough cleaning. We know what inspectors look for, and fix everything.

Some situations need professionals to get things right. Call us for the specialist situations, and get the optimal result.