Hotel and Club Cleaning

Clients expect accommodation to be immaculate. They pay for service and facilities, and expect everything to be optimal. Nothing can compensate for poor service or surroundings.

Commercial cleaning deals with a very large number of different cleaning tasks over a very large number of areas. People in private homes tend to look after their surroundings; patrons of commercial venues expect this to be done for them. And when a large number of patrons with this attitude frequent a venue the problems accumulate rapidly. Daily cleaning is almost mandatory for such commercial operations. That’s where we step in.

Hotels and clubs have staff, but cleaning is not their primary concern. It makes more sense to let staff concentrate on the important matters they are trained for. Make us a part of your companies operation and be so much better for it. We can clean outside of normal hours, minimising disruption, or arrange cleaning at whatever time fits your businesses schedule. Staff morale, customer service, and every aspect of you venue’s operation can be improved with regular, professional cleaning.

Commercial enterprises vary considerably. Different operations require significantly different cleaning approaches. Exclusive clubs are one thing, luxury hotels are another. We optimize our approach for each situation in whatever way is necessary to get the best results. Hygiene is important, appearance means a lot. We get every Hotel, Tavern, Club or venue running smoothly by giving them a clean slate to work with each day. Get your business a step ahead. Let us give you a clean operating space so you can concentrate on running a clean operation.